Bonsai Shaping and Display

Shaping is what makes bonsai different than gardening. Growing a healthy miniature version of a tree is a science, but shaping that same tree so that it expresses the essence of the species in an illusionary miniature world, that is Bonsai. The choices you make when shaping your bonsai and your skill at executing those choices will define you as a bonsai artist.

All of that can sound intimidating to someone just starting bonsai, but it is important to understand that your goals in bonsai should be difficult to attain. If you simply plant your tree in a tray and keep it alive and small then nature is the artist and your are merely the caretaker.

Making a Bonsai Shaping Plan

Before you pick up a tool to work on your bonsai you should have a shaping plan. Someone who has practiced bonsai for years and has experience with the species of plant they are working on can make a shaping plan in less than hour. But for the beginner or casual bonsai practitioner who has not worked with a particular species … [Read more...]

Bonsai Tree Wiring

Traditionally the trunks and branches of bonsai were shaped by using long-term pruning and hemp rope for binding. Wire is the modern tool we use to accomplish the same result with much less time and work. There is a lot of misinformation about wiring out there and if you read long enough on the internet you will become convince … [Read more...]

Bonsai Tree Tools

Over the centuries tools unique to bonsai have developed with specialize shapes that perform the tasks of bonsai very well. Bonsai tools are recognized for their quality construction, durability and when needed extreme sharpness. A good set of bonsai tool if well maintained should last you a lifetime. Bonsai Shears The … [Read more...]

Maintaining Bonsai Tools

Maintaining is better than repairing or replacing. It is very important that you get in a routine of maintaining your bonsai tools. This not only keeps them in optimal condition so they work better when you use them. But also saves time spent on fixing issues that develop over time like rust for example and potentially saves … [Read more...]