Types of Bonsai Trees

Japanese White Pine Bonsai Tree

The Japanese White Pine bonsai tree (Pinus parviflora) is very well known for its striking silhouette and often referred to as the “five-needle pine” since the needle of this evergreen miniature tree grow in groups of five. The Japanese White Pine bonsai tree will compliment both your indoor and outdoor with its irregular … [Read more...]

Flowering Crabapple Bonsai Tree

Anybody interested in growing beautiful flowering bonsai trees should consider the Flowering Crabapple bonsai tree (Malus Sargenti). Flowering Crabapple bonsai trees are notorious for being robust and easy to care for. The Crabapple bonsai is a deciduous tree but will surprise you throughout the year with its changing colours, … [Read more...]

Shimpaku Bonsai Tree

Are you tempted to start a bonsai collection? If so, the Shimpaku (Juniperus Chinesis) bonsai tree is a great tree to start with. The Shimpaku bonsai tree (Chinese Juniper) is both an evergreen and deciduous tree, meaning that it won't go bare during the winter, especially if you happen to live under mild climates. In fact, … [Read more...]

Bald Cypress Bonsai Tree

The Bald Cypress Bonsai Tree- The Best Bonsai Tree for Beginners! If you like the idea of having bonsai trees as an indoor decoration but don't know anything about these great looking miniature trees, then the Bald Cypress bonsai tree is probably the one you need to get first! The Bald Cypress bonsai tree is a miniature … [Read more...]

Ficus Bonsai Care

People who like to keep Bonsai normally keep Ficus tree as it is easier to grow compared to any other exotic plants. It is also used by Bonsai teachers to teach their students about the skill of Bonsai. However, it is not necessary to learn from anybody to grow your own Bonsai tree. You can always go for the trial and error … [Read more...]

Azalea Bonsai Tree

The Azalea Bonsai Tree has a thick base and thus is very good for a bonsai and it also looks like a completely grown miniature tree. But, the fact is that it is not really a tree, it is a shrub. Normally the Azalea only blossoms once a year but their flowers are incredibly rich in color and look striking. The best part of … [Read more...]

Bonsai Jade Tree Care

Keeping a bonsai tree is a great way to release your creativity and one of the excellent bonsai tree to begin with is the Baby Jade. Baby Jade is a Succulent Bonsai and is also known as the Small Leaf Jade or the Elephant Plant. It is usually found in South Africa. The Baby Jade does not need much watering and is very … [Read more...]